This suite is for Government staff, State Students, and those who have affiliation with Government especially farmers, artisans, start ups, small and medium scale business operators for financial disbursement, welfare benefits and administration. FarmzPay 2.1.3 establishes and governs the structure for premium operation and results, reducing cost of funding activities and keeping tab on funds disbursement and performance at every level. Giving a real-time reportage and reversal of excesses, while every admin level is confined to operate within his or her job description.

Government is also able to create customized financial identities with debit cards for staff and affiliate for usage within the system and auto-machines. Users are also able to transact business, paybills, travels, insurance, tax, child education, Health insurance, target savings and easy loan and other financial activities everywhere within the approved Government financial limit for related ministries, departments, agencies, corporations and affiliates. It is for unlimited users

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