Our FARMZPAY MOBILE PAYMENT services cater for the needs of both the Telecommunication providers and the financial service providers either as a Digital Wallets for Mobile Money or Digital wallet for Branchless Banking

Digital Wallet For Mobile

FARMZPAY for Mobile Money is an end-to-end solution. It offers the full spectrum of mobile wallet, mobile commerce, recharge and agent management features

In emerging markets, the option of a mobile wallet provides subscribers with access to easy-to-use mobile money services such as cash-in/cash-out, bill payment, domestic money transfer, salary disbursement as well as access to micro-finance services such as insurance, savings and loans. FarmzPayMobile bridges the cash world with the mobile financial services ecosystem. FarmzPayMobile can be deployed in a closed loop configuration where the service provider holds all the subscriber, agent and merchant wallets or in an open loop configuration integrating with the existing payment ecosystem, ATMs and coupled with the service provider branded prepaid payment cards.
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Digital Wallet For Branchless Banking

FarmzPayMobile for Branchless Banking is low OPEX option for Banks and PSPs to reach new market segments through an entry-level product for users to commence their financial journey.
Digital transformation has changed the financial landscape. Banks must adopt new technologies to meet customer-experience expectations while maintaining profitable growth. FarmzPayMobile offers technological innovation through Branchless Banking (also known as Retail Banking Lite), to reach new market segments, drive competitor differentiation while managing costs and boosting profitability. It offers an economical way to capture low-value transactions while maintaining low overheads and reducing transportation time and costs. Branchless banking offers a low-OPEX entry-level product for users to commence their financial journey with your bank.
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Electronic Recharge System

A comprehensive, forward-looking solution

Our FarmzPayMobile is a fully-featured complete electronic recharge solution to manage every aspect of a distribution and sales network, from profile definition to incentive management. FarmzPayMobile offers a single platform consisting of all the required tools to efficiently build and manage recharge programs for all telecom usages: airtime, SMS, MMS or data. FarmzPayMobile is a highly reliable and open solution. FarmzPayMobile allows operators to offer direct recharge through their retailer network, potentially replacing physical scratch cards and enabling a dramatic reduction in distribution costs. Several programs can be offered in parallel to address different market segments.
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Cross Border Payment

Global reach with one single connection

In an increasingly globalised world, technology has broken down many barriers created by geography. The demand for fast, efficient and transparent cross-border payments is higher today than ever before. The global payments hub connects the world by way of a network which enables paying Financial Institutions (banks, mobile money operators, money transfer organisations and more) to transfer funds to receiving Financial Institutions in a way that is safe, convenient and cost-effective. Our flagship FARMZPAY MOBILE platform natively interfaces with the globalHub is a market leading solution which enables cross-border transfer between mobile money accounts, payment cards, bank accounts or cash outlets from anywhere in the world, regardless of the users location. The FarmzPayMobile’s service contract provides a solution for domestic interoperability between mobile money deployments, enabling cross-operator transactions to boost the growth of the mobile money business.
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National Interbank Payment Switch

The National Financial Switch (NFS) , comprises the implementation of a National Switch to facilitate connectivity between the Bank’s Switches and their ATMs, and inter-bank payment gateway for authentication and routing the payment details of various e-commerce transactions, e-government activities etc. The main objective of the NFS is to make ATM deployment more economical and viable for banks and introduce more similar products on the same delivery channel. The National Financial Switch allows connecting directly to the individual bank’s switch or through their shared ATM Network Switches. It is a win-win situation for all the banks and more importantly, for the customers.

The FS Platform provide complete set of services for the processing, switching, authorization, and settlement of automated teller machine (ATM), point of sale (POS), and e-commerce transactions. It provides transaction processing interfaces to host systems, card networks, and other financial institutions. The NFS Platform provides everything needed to operate a full-service, in-house EFT processing center, including: i. ATM and POS device driving ii. Transaction switching iii. Authorization iv. Settlement and reconciliation v. Advanced systems monitoring and management vi. ATM self-service banking vii. Data capture and transaction analysis viii.Network access ix. E-Commerce
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